Take 30 seconds each day to honor our fallen

What is #30ForOurFallen?


#30ForOurFallen is a call-to-action to America to take 30 seconds 

each day to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice in order 

for us to enjoy our daily freedoms. Participants of the initiative are encouraged to engage in a 30-second wall sit and share their video 

on social media using hashtag #30ForOurFallen. 


The physical act of stillness and reflection is meant to bring awareness 

to the ultimate sacrifices made by brave soldiers who gave their lives to protect this great country. 


The Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial is the first of its kind in the 

history of the United States. It was built with donated material and 

labor. It honors our fallen soldiers by name while we are still in the 

war that caused the lost lives of these brave servicemen and women.

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