30 Seconds for 30 Days

What is #30ForOurFallen?

The Challenge

Participants of the challenge are encouraged to engage in a 30-second wall sit every day for 30 days and share their video on social media using hashtag #30ForOurFallen. 

The Purpose

The physical act of stillness and reflection is meant to bring awareness to the ultimate sacrifices made by brave soldiers who gave their lives to protect this great country. 

How Do I Participate in #30ForOurFallen?

We invite and encourage every American to participate in this challenge. Here's how you can take 30 Seconds for 30 Days and help us raise awareness.

  • Get your camera ready to videotape yourself. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great tools for sharing!
  • Before your wall-sit, mention that you are joining the #30ForOurFallen Challenge to bring awareness to the Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial located in Marseilles, IL and call out 5 friends you want to join the campaign, then do your wall-sit. 

How Do I Make A Donation?

Visit the Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial website and find out how to make a donation and get involved!

About the ILMFR

The ILMFR is a 501(c)3 organization that funds the preservation and unfortunate growth of the Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial. The Mission of the ILMFR is to maintain the preservation of the Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial, honor our fallen heroes and support veteran organizations and Gold Star families.

Get Involved